I started Blacksmithing around 14 years ago in a my Dad's hobbyist forge and it quickly became evident to me it was a craft I wanted to pursue professionally. The joy of a valid reason to work with fire and bash stuff combined with the opportunity for creative and artistic expression still fuels my enthusiasm to create.

I left school and moved from Essex to South Nottinghamshire to start an apprenticeship as a Farrier, a career that would enable me to join my love for the outdoors, horses and blacksmithing and to help preserve a profession that has been practised for thousands of years. 5 years later and plenty of work I qualified from Warkwickshire College with a Level 3 Diploma awarded by the Worshipful Company of Farriers. Since then I have continued to develop my skills in both farriery and blacksmithing with an ever present desire for knowledge and skills.

I am fortunate enough to now share the forge of farther and son Josh and Graham Burrell. Josh is a talented and knowledgeable tool maker and specialises in the forging of edged woodworking tools, primarily for the heritage crafts such as timber framing and clog making. The opportunity to work along side such experienced and skilled smiths has been invaluable in my own professional development and broadening of my skills and understanding of the craft.

The majority of my work is now focused on tool making, I find great satisfaction in the creation of tools that will be around long after I am gone and hopefully bring the users equal satisfaction throughout their working life. 

I also enjoy woodwork and making of Treen that I hope will be used regularly. Green woodwork greatly contrasts Blacksmithing in that it is quite, clean, free from power tools and far less physically demanding. It is little more than a hobby for me but I have shared some of my creations here for those who might be interested.

Below is a number of things I have made in the past as commissions and from my own inspirations, if you are interested or want something making feel free to email me and ask.