• Image of Decorated Carver No.3

These axes are the same in design and function as the standard socketed carver but with some added decoration. I use various shaped punches to deboss the head hot.

I have taken the design on this axe from examples of French and Austrian side axes, it is representative of an Ash or Rowan leaf.

Handmade Veg tan Mask is included in the price, please specify if you would like a left handed one, right handed supplied as standard.

Overall weight - 900g Approx

Head Weight - 600g

Cutting Edge Length - 130mm

Cutting Edge to Poll - 150mm

Full Shaft Length - 400mm

Please note that I have used one axe as a stock photo so the one you receive may well be different. They are as close as I can get to identical but being handmade they will, of course, vary very slightly.

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