• Image of Decorated Carver No.02

These axes are the same in design and function as the standard socketed carver but with some added decoration. I use various shaped punches to deboss the head hot.

The design on this one is John Mullaney's Alliums. I will be doing very few of this design.

Handmade Veg tan Mask is included in the price, please specify if you would like a left handed one, right handed supplied as standard.

Overall weight - 900g Approx

Head Weight - 600g

Cutting Edge Length - 130mm

Cutting Edge to Poll - 150mm

Full Shaft Length - 400mm

Please note that I have used one axe as a stock photo so the one you receive may well be different. They are as close as I can get to identical but being handmade they will, of course, vary very slightly.

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